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What is Acudetox anyway?

First, all the names:  The 5-Needle Protocol, 5NP, Acudetox, Ear Acudetox, NADA Protocol, NADA Acudetox, etc.

The 5-Needle Protocol (5NP) or Acudetox is performed by placing thin, solid, sterilized acupuncture needles into 5 specific points on the skin surface of the ear.   

We use 5 traditional ear acupuncture points:  Sympathetic, Shen Men,  Kidney, Liver, Lung as illustrated here.

The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes.  Acudetox is usually done in a group setting.  Treatments are provided by an NADA Acudetox Specialist (ADS) or POCA Auricular Acu-Technician (AAT) or a professional acupuncture practitioner or supervised trainee.

Possible Benefits of Treatment:

The use of the 5NP for detoxification, recovery support and prevention of return to use has been shown to be helpful in relieving acute symptoms of withdrawal from a variety of substances. Individuals often feel immediate relief and a decrease in tension and anxiety.  Further treatment may reduce such withdrawal symptoms as profuse sweating, headache, body ache, stomach pain, runny nose, drug dreams and cravings.  Participants may develop a greater sense of well-being and connection with themselves.

See a sample consent for treatment here.

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