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Licensed Acupuncturists

We are not Licensed Acupuncturists...

Yes, the 5-Needle Protocol is great, but what if you need or want more? 


In Utah, Auricular Acu-Technicians (AATs) and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists (ADSs) can only use 5 invariant ear acupuncture points allowed by Utah HB 195 passed in 2022.

In Utah, Licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac.) provide full-body acupuncture and other treatments.  Please see a Licensed Acupuncturist if you want full acupuncture services--much more than just the ear 5-Needle Protocol. 


We love to refer you to Licensed Acupuncturists for full acupuncture for your health needs!  There are many acupuncturists in Utah; we know or have worked with these acupuncturist groups in Salt Lake City:  

Wasatch Community Acupuncture

Harmony Acupuncture Clinic

SLCQi Community Acupuncture

Earth and Sky Acupuncture

SEARCH for all licensed acupuncturists in Utah through DOPL: 

(Check Acupuncture from the search list; the names of all Utah Licensed Acupuncturists will display.  Sort by Status to find all active licensees.)

Read Lisa Rohleder's excellent Substack on the relationship between Licensed Acupuncturists and 5-NP providers.  


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