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We understand you may have questions...

Here are some frequently asked questions from our trainees and others!


I have questions about POCA and NADA.  Where can I find out more?

POCA has an FAQ page here and a page here.  

NADA info is here.


Do I have to keep my POCA or NADA membership current to continue to provide Acudetox?

Non-profit organizations like POCA and NADA gain strength from their members.  POCA encourages you to keep your membership after you are certified, but it is not required unless you are a trainer.  Contact NADA for their current policy.

Once I am certified by POCA or NADA, how often do I have to recertify?

There is no need to re-certify in Utah once you have your initial POCA or NADA certificate, unless the state of Utah adds some requirements later on.  As of 2023, once certified, always certified in Utah.  Check your individual state regulations if you live outside of Utah.

How do I let Utah DOPL know I have a certificate to provide the 5-NP?

Send your information to Utah DOPL as directed on this page.

How can I become a NADA or POCA trainer?

NADA procedures are posted here.

POCA procedures are posted here. 

Can I do Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) if I am POCA or NADA trained?

POCA and NADA training does not train in BFA, which uses five points in the ear that are different from the Acudetox 5-NP protocol. In Utah, only licensed acupuncturists, physicians, naturopaths and chiropractors can do BFA. So you would not be eligible to get training in BFA and provide it, unless you have one of those licenses.  Federal systems (e.g., the VA) may allow the practice of BFA by others, but the state of Utah does not.


How can I bill for Acudetox?

We are not billing or coding professionals and don't give billing or coding advice.  Make sure you consult a billing professional so you do this properly.  Ideas from other practitioners:  Acudetox lends itself well to integrative group medical visits.  Some providers extend individual visits with an add-on or different code for time or intensity when they provide Acudetox as part of a longer visit.  Some providers just include it in the cost of a regular visit. 

Does Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance cover Acudetox?

Acudetox is not specifically covered by Medicaid or other insurance in Utah.  You can submit a CPT or procedure code for acupuncture, but it won't be paid by any insurance in Utah at this time.  Acudetox might be covered by payors in other states. 

What are the CPT procedure codes for acupuncture or 5-NP?

97810 and 97811 (97813 and 97814 only apply for electrical stimulation, which is NOT part of the 5-NP).  See this 2005 article for details and other questions.  Another article is here.  Also search the Web for more updated information posted by billing companies.  Once again, most payors do not cover acupuncture codes even if you bill for them,


Who is paying for all this training?

The Utah Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has awarded a 2 year grant to UtahAcudetox to provide training to eligible Utah healthcare professionals.  The funds come from Federal grants to the state of Utah, so we are monitored closely and must meet Federal and State requirements in the use of these funds. If you have questions about our funding, please contact our grantors here.

Why do I have to pay for training in advance?

We want to insure that you are committed to the training.  We also want all our training spots to fill.  When people pay for something, they are more likely to keep their commitments.  This allows us to train as many people as possible, and fulfill the requirements of our grant funding.

How do I get reimbursed for training costs?

You will receive these instructions as part of the training along with all the links and expectations

We know you want to get your money back and we want you to get certified as quickly as possible so you can be reimbursed.

Why am I reimbursed $10 less than the total cost of the training?

The Utah DHHS grant cannot reimburse us for food and refreshments so we pass that cost on to you.  The $10 covers snacks and refreshments for the trainees and community participants over the 2 days of each training.  Enjoy the refreshments!


Do I need malpractice insurance to do Acudetox?

This depends on your clinical situation and current malpractice insurance coverage.  Please consult your employer or current malpractice insurer to see if you are covered for this practice.  A separate malpractice insurance policy is advisable if you are not sure you are covered already.

Do I need a supervisor in Utah, as requested by the malpractice insurer?

Utah state law does not require any supervision for Acudetox providers with a certificate from POCA or NADA.  Put "not required under Utah law, registered with Utah DOPL" in response to supervision questions.  You can send them a link to HR195 (on this page) or direct them to Utah DOPL if they have questions.

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