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POCA Training Materials

All POCA AAT students must read and study the POCA Training Manual, watch the videos below and complete all other pre-work before the face to face training.  More assignments will be specified in the schedule emailed to you prior to training.

After the face to face training, complete the Quiz, Pledge and Evaluation.  

See the POCA AAT Trainee Checklist for Utah for more details.

Read the complete manual and link to all resources in the manual.

Complete the Quiz after the face to face training.

Read the Pledge out loud with your classmates during the face to face training, then fill it out online.

Then complete the POCA training evaluation online.

Training Prerequisites

Watch all these videos prior to the face to face training:

·       Demonstration treatments (video1 and video2)

·       NYHRE (6’30”) 

·       Points to Change (26’49”)

·       Unimagined Bridges (17’27”)

·       Dope is Death (1hr19’15”)(optional commentary lasts another 35’) 

·       Restorative Justice Project (22’05”)

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