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Upcoming Trainings

Do you qualify for the trainings?  Make sure you do before registering!

Check out the POCA site for upcoming AAT trainings.

Check out the NADA site for upcoming ADS trainings.

Also, get malpractice insurance that covers Acudetox, or check with your current insurer.

Register here for Utah trainings!

Upcoming Trainings in Utah

2024 Training Schedule will be posted here soon.

Future Trainings are not yet scheduled.  Stay tuned and keep checking back!

Cost will be $410:  $50 to join POCA at the Punk Level (required prior to registration) plus $360 for the training. 

[***Note that Utah providers will be reimbursed for $400 once your certificate is submitted to DOPL and UtahAcudetox.***]

Register here!  Choose carefully; no refunds will be given but we will credit you for a future training if you register and cannot attend.


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